Understanding Internet Travel Information

There is a lot of great information on the Internet but there is also a lot of questionable information on the Internet. Can you tell the difference? When it comes to travel, we can and will help you sort through the amount of mind numbing information that is available and we will get you the lowest legitimate price for the vacation, Honeymoon, or Destination Wedding that meets or exceeds your criteria.

I wanted to cover a number of issues I see when booking travel online. First is the amount of information available. I am in the travel business and even I get confused by the amount of information on the Internet, I can only imagine what it would be like if I were not in the business. One of our main jobs lately is helping people make sense of all the information someone sees.

The first issue I would like to cover.  just because it says so on the internet does not make it true. So much of the information on the Internet is opinion and since it is not a fact does not fall under the same legal rules that facts fall under. It appears to me that a number of internet companies have decided that most people are very gullible and will believe everything they read.

A prime example is putting the word SALE or DEAL in front of a price. A SALE or DEAL usually means a discount off a particular price. The question people fail to ask is, where did the price come from that is discounted? Is it a real price a made up price or a marked up price? We took 3 resorts that said, online, that the price was a SALE or DEAL and we then priced them using the normal price and found, with these 3 resorts, the regular price was $200 – $300 less than the SALE or DEAL price.

Another issue is a resort or company that advertises the same SALE or DEAL consistently. The Better Business Bureau uses the rule that if a SALE or DEAL remains in force for more than 3 months it is really a price adjustment not a SALE or DEAL. Some companies will list a SALE or DEAL that seems to be too good to be true when in fact they have never sold a vacation at the regular price ever. A way to do this is take the regular price, mark it up 100% and then discount it 75% and call it a SALE or DEAL.

Just be careful what you read and see on the Internet. The internet is a great tool to use but remember, just because it is on the Internet does not make it true.