What is the weather like in Hawaii?

Hawaii really has only two seasons – summer, from May to October, and winter, from November to April.  The two seasons are warm and warmer.   June and July are generally the driest months for all islands. But even in Hawaii, rain and cloud cover are in most places very intermittent and you should get plenty of sunshine.

What is the average temperature in Hawaii?

The average temperature in Hawaii is about 80 degrees F (26.6 C) in summer, dropping to about 75 degrees F (23.8 C) during the winter months.

How intense is the sun in Hawaii?

Very intense, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. You should bring sunscreen that has an SPF  of at least 15. The higher the better, and avoid lots of sun if you have very sensitive skin.

What clothes should I bring?

Bikinis, tank tops, and shorts and bathing suits are generally the perfect attire no matter when you plan to go, especially during the day, bring beach cover-ups as a number of restaurants and hotels require these in their public spaces.  However, it can get a little chilly in the evenings, so bring a light jacket or long-sleeved shirt and long pants for evenings and upscale dining. No suits are required.

What island should I visit?

That depends on what you would like to see and experience. Each island offers something different  If you are eager to see historical Pearl Harbor and be surrounded by plenty of restaurants, shops, and nightlife, visit Oahu.

If you want to see a real, active volcano, black-sand beaches and enjoy plenty of open space, go to the Big Island of Hawaii, the largest of all the islands.

If you dream of a peaceful vacation, surrounded by tropical beauty,  empty white-sand beaches, gardens and evergreen nature, pick Kauai. It is the lushest island and that is why it is called the Garden Island.

If you’d like to see the largest dormant volcano in the world, and experience all the tourist Hawaiian activities, Maui is your spot.

If you want to unwind completely, enjoy a lot of peace and quiet without many other people around, then you might like Molokai or Lanai.

Don’t forget, we are specialists in doing multi-island vacations, the best way to experience the different islands.

How much money will I need per day?

That depends on how luxurious you want your vacation to be. In general, Hawaii is one of the most expensive states in the United States. On average, things like housing, food, groceries, and fuel cost about 30 percent more than on the mainland. Also, there are resorts with some sort of meal plan but, there are no all-inclusive resorts in Hawaii so you need to budget for food and drinks as well as a rental car. Most Hawaiian Resorts charge an additional resort fee which is added to your bill at checkout.

What is the approximate rate for accommodations?

That depends on the type of accommodation and how close it’s located to the beach. There are mid-level hotels which have rooms for around $150 a night. And there are also plenty of four and five-star hotels with rates as high as $500 and more per night. This is why we work closely with you to recommend the best resorts based on your budget.

Are there any true all-inclusive resorts in Hawaii?

No.  Some resorts may include some activities and some dining /amenities packages, but Hawaii hotels do not offer true all-inclusive packages like those you’d see in Mexico or the Caribbean.

What is a resort fee?

A resort fee is an extra fee that most hotels and resorts in Hawaii charge when you check-out. It is for things like parking, use of tennis courts and equipment, and other services the hotel or resort provides.  The fee is usually $15 – $25 per room per night and is added to your bill at checkout.

How long is the flight to Hawaii?

A flight from the U.S. mainland west coast to Hawaii takes about 5 to 5.5 hours and about 13 hours from the East Coast.

When are the Humpback Whales in Hawaii?

Humpback Whales migrate to Hawaii in mid-November and remain in the islands through March.

Are there sharks in Hawaii?

Yes, there are about 40 species of sharks in Hawaii. Of these 40, about eight species are commonly seen near the shore. The most frequently seen are the sandbar, scalloped hammerhead, reef whitetip, and tiger shark.

How likely is it to be attacked by a shark in Hawaii?

Very unlikely. Shark attacks in Hawaii are rare. On average there are about two to three shark attacks per year, a small number considering there are more than 7 million visitors to Hawaii every year.

Why is the water so clear in Hawaii?

That’s because compared to the U.S. mainland, relatively little junk is discharged into Hawaii’s waters. Moreover, natural ocean currents bring a constant supply of fresh ocean water.

What is that crackling sound I always hear when I put my ears under water?

For years, people didn’t know the answer to this. This underwater “noise” even interfered with sonar operations in the early days of submarines. Today, we know the answer. That crackling sound you hear is hidden snapping shrimp defining their territory.

Are there snakes in Hawaii?

No. The islands are trying really hard to keep snakes out of Hawaii.

What language is spoken in Hawaii?

Since Hawaii is a U.S. state, English is the official language. However, Hawaiian is spoken by most locals as well. It’s also taught in schools and universities.

Do I need a Passport or Visa to go to Hawaii

If you’re a U.S. citizen, you don’t need a visa or passport. Visiting Hawaii is just like going to another state on the mainland. If you’re not a U.S. citizen, you might need a visa, depending on what country you’re from. Check with your consulate to see if you need a visa or not.

What currency is used in Hawaii?

Hawaii uses the U.S. dollar.

How can I go to a neighbor island?

The easiest way is by plane. The cost for an inter-island flight ranges from $50 to $100 for a one-way ticket. Flight times range from 30 to 45 minutes.

Can I visit the island of Niihau?

Nihau is privately-owned by the Robinson family and off-limits to tourists. Unless you have an invitation from the Robinson family or one of the Native Hawaiians who lives there, you cannot go to Niihau. However, there’s a snorkeling tour that leaves from Port Allen Harbor on Kauai’s north shore, which will take you across the channel to Niihau. You will be able to snorkel in one of Niihau’s pristine bays. It is also possible to take a helicopter tour of Niihau.

Taking Food out of Hawaii
Can I take Hawaii-grown food home with me, such as pineapples? Certain fruits, vegetables, and flowers are allowed for export, but they must be agriculturally approved. You CANNOT pick fruit or flowers in  Hawaii and take them home. All luggage is scanned for outgoing agricultural products. Most of the airports and gift shops on the islands will have packaged fruit and nuts for sale.  These are acceptable to take home with you.
What time zone is Hawaii in
Hawaii  Standard Time (GMT -10). It is 3 – 4 hours behind the West Coast, Pacific Time,  depending on the time of year. Hawaii does not observe U.S. daylight savings time.